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The Journal of Miltiary Aviation History (JMAH) published its first issue on November 15, 2017. Currently, calls for articles and book reviews for Volumes 2 and 3 are actively seeking authors. See the links on the home page for details. The publishing plan calls for an annual issue to be published each year. The editor retired from the University in early 2018 so the journal has moved to the Old Primero Historical Foundation (a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization) so that publication of JMAH will continue on, beginning with our annual Volumes 2 and 3, with only a short delay in our publication schedule. Our long range publication goals, as article submissions make it possible, will transition to a quarterly format eventually. JMAH is an online journal with open access to readers. No dues, payments, or fees will be charged for access. It is the intention of the editorial staff to make a contribution to the literature of miltiary aviation history and provide as wide as possible readership so that our scholarship will make an impact on the body of knowledge, with no limits placed on the educational use of our journal. As each volume is published online, active links to the issue will appear below, and the reader will be able to download a pdf copy of the issue for their personal use.

Volume 1 -- Journal of Military Aviation History, 2017
Volume 2 -- Available September 25, 2019
Volume 3 -- Available January 15, 2020